Sylvia Sylvestri, RN trained me in Vampire PRP facial, facelift, hair restoration, breast lift, P-shot, and O-shot at her Beverly Hills facility in January 2023. The training was a “live” didactic and hands- on course. Sylvia is clearly an expert in this area, and she tactfully shares her expertise with her students. Her knowledge and experience in this regenerative approach to aesthetics and sexual health is unparalleled and she so effectively used this to properly train me and helped me get me in my comfort zone. The course included patient selection, patient intake, detailed history, informed consent, PRP preparation, necessary supplies, patient positioning, procedure technique, post-procedure instructions, and follow-up. I left the live training with a strong knowledge base and sound technical skill. Sylvia also shared networking and marketing strategies that will be an asset to my practice. I highly recommend Ms. Sylvestri for this instruction. I intend to reach out to her again for further training in her Beverly Hills RN courses.

-Jeffrey Larson, M.D.

It was truly a great experience taking your class.

Thank you for the words of encouragement; It was truly a great experience taking your class. I have two other colleagues that look forward to taking your course soon. Stepping out and taking your class was my first leap out of my comfort zone. I look forward to hearing more information regarding your academy course! Thank you again!

-Crystal Ford RN

I recommend this training to everyone without question.

I trained with Beverly Hills RN for the Vampire PRP Workshop and Certification course in Jan 2018. It is the most valuable training I have done, and has made the most impact to my cosmetic practice overall within one year. I am so glad I decided to come all the way from Canada and train with Sylvia. When you do this course, you have a complete understanding of the therapeutic indications for PRP, and how to use them, and are well equipped to implement this into your own practice. You learn all the applications of PRP in cosmetic practice, from PRP Vampire Facials, to hair restoration, to vaginal rejuvenation and more! I was most Impressed with the live demonstrations and time with hands on training. Her experience on the subject is vast, and she shares it all at her training. She also helped grow my social media following from barely 150 followers on my instagram @drdishani before my training, to over 750 organic followers, with tips from a social media influencer session as part of the training. This has also increased my exposure and I have gotten clients through this as well. It is definitely something I would recommend to anyone without question.

-Dishani Gunawardena

I can’t brag enough about how great the Vampire Training class was.

Sylvia. I can’t brag enough about how great the Vampire Training class was. I am so glad I chose to come to a live training rather than an online course. My learning style is hands on and your course offered just that with real live models. I also had the opportunity to learn from watching you demonstrate techniques. The class time was interactive, casual, and one on one which allowed for an exceptional learning experience. I feel confident & ready to proceed with vampire treatments after attending your course. Again, thank you for your expertise in helping practitioners advance in this field.

-Stacy Hammond, FNP-C

Please let me tell of how thankful I am for this procedure, the OShot!

I was a participant and a model in one your classes and the OShot has been a sincere miracle for me and my husband. I am one of the fortunate individuals who experienced immediate success, eliminating painful intercourse and suffering that comes with post menopausal dyspareunia. It has been less than 2 months and I among experiencing improved urinary symptoms as well! This procedure has been life changing for myself. I am almost 59 years old and feel like I have a new lease on my health! I will definitely do this painless procedure again when the time is needed. Thank you for your kind and competent care. I only hope more women take advantage of this procedure and may experience the benefits it has provided me!


It was so worth attending!

Thank you for the great weekend! When people ask me what my favorite part of my weekend in Beverly Hills, I say “hands down, it was the great course I attended”! Who ever says that? 🙂 It is the absolute truth and that can directly be connected to the quality of your training and how just plain fun you are for the training 🙂 It was so worth attending. Thank you!


We would highly recommend any of her training!

Sylvia was amazing. She was as advertised in her abilities to lead and teach a variety of staff on an array of topics. She not only lead us in the didactics and hands on training but also the marketing/social media piece that is so intricate to our business. We would highly recommend any of her training! Her organization and ability to captivate us was especially key to a succssful training. She is an amazing, upbeat, and intelligent instructor.

-Dr. Ekwensi and Angela Griffith with New Health

My training on the Vampire procedures was exceptional!

My training with Sylvia on the Vampire Facelift/Facial/PShot/OShot/PRPHairReplacement/BreastLift was exceptional. Most people worry that this class is so expensive, and that you might not get what you pay for. Not only did I get what I paid for, I continue to get support, advice, tools, continual training in techniques and business development. The support staff is incredible and even discuss their personal experiences with the trainees. I felt so comfortable during the training, that I asked Sylvia to demonstrate the OShot on me. She’s smart, fun, and made this learning experience incredible. The science is there people… I would recommend this training to anyone interested in quality cosmetic procedures!

-April Allen

Sylvia, RN. "Beverly Hills RN" founder, is an amazing Smart & Sexy Entrepreneur that made me feel like a million bucks!

I just wanted to say how much I love the PRP Injection experience at her trusted Beverly Hills practice . As a Sex, Wellness, and Mental Performance Specialist; I'm committed to continual education and research, therefore I had some background knowledge and great personal results from my other area PRP injection procedures. I'm a Happy & Healthy, on the go woman, whom strives to feel and look my very best. I received the PRP Injection under eye and could not believe how nice & youthful my face look … I am nearly 40 years old and I felt that the treatment made me look about 5 years younger instantly without bruising nor downtime. My face feels very rejuvenated . Everybody told me how great I looked ! Anyway, thank you and your trusted professionals for making me feel very comfortable & painless procedure. Indeed, you're a beautiful and skilled provider. life is the most wonderful and exciting experience.

-Dr. Monica Watts

I can't say enough about Sylvia's class on PRP

I can't say enough about Sylvia's class on PRP. She was extremely patient, knowledgable and proficient at teaching me all the skills I needed to be comfortable with the techniques in leaning The O-Shot, The P-Shot, The Vampire Facial, The Vampire Facelift and Hair Restoration. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to add new treatments to their office. Thanks again Sylvia, you're simply the best!!!

-Shelly LaFrance , MN FNP-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified

Without reservation, I give my highest recommendation for the intimate provider training courses offered by Sylvia Silvestri, RN

Without reservation, I give my highest recommendation for the intimate provider training courses offered by Sylvia Silvestri, RN. She possesses an impressive depth of knowledge and experience as well as a true passion for the aesthetic and regenerative medicine industry, which she has practiced in over the past 20 years. Sylvia makes both the patients and providers feel comfortable and ensures that each provider in her course receives individual attention as well as hand's-on experience. You leave the course confident and fully equipped to implement the procedures into your practice. Definitely worth the investment to learn from the best in the industry. Allison Woodworth, RN, MSN, FNP-C Founder of Radiant MedSpa & Wellness Scottsdale, Arizona

-Allison Woodworth , RN, MSN, FNP-C Founder of Radiant MedSpa & Wellness Scottsdale, Arizona

I really enjoyed Sylvia's class on the O shot and P shot

I really enjoyed Sylvia's class on the O shot and P shot. She provided two women and two male models so I got to experience different anatomy and also hear about different issues that the patients were having. The procedures were explained in a very simple, straight forward manner so that I can feel confident offering them in my practice immediately. There was also quite a bit of marketing and support materials provided to help me start promoting these procedures to my patients. I would highly recommend her training class.

-Nicole Garcia, M.D.

Highly recommended

We had training at our location with Sylvia. She was through, patient, and knowledgeable. She instructed us in all injectables including the Vampire Face Lift. She was very accommodating with our schedule as well. Highly recommended.

-Ricardo Pocurull, MD College Station, TX

Sylvia was wonderful

Sylvia was wonderful. She brought many years of clinical experience to share with us. She has expertise with many of the cosmetic applications of PRP. Sylvia was able to train and show us techniques for procedures including dermal application utilizing micro-needling, male and female genetalia rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and facial applications with and without adjunctive facial fillers. She not only helped us in a clinical role, but also helped us and brainstormed ideas for marketing, education, and office forms. We were fortunate to have plenty of live models to train with, we truly value our experience with Sylvia and thank her for sharing her wisdom with us!

- Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

Her hands on approach was amazing

I took Sylvia's class last Saturday October 10th, 2015. I have attended many classes in the past. I thought Sylvia's knowledge and ability to teach was second to none. She is very knowledgeable in the aesthetic field and her hands on approach was amazing. Thank you Sylvia. If you have any more classes in the future I would love to attend and I have told all my colleagues about her knowledge and supreme ability to teach.

-Sean Leoni M.D

Sylvia Silvestri is the BEST trainer out there

If you are looking to be one of the BEST nurse injectors, Sylvia Silvestri is the BEST trainer out there. She is an amazing trainer. I trained with her a little over 2 months ago and my practice and knowledge has grown incredibly. She has wonderful tips and vast knowledge in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She is very helpful and goes above and beyond to help even after her training course is done. She has helped me develop a marketing plan, figure out prices and is always, always available if I have any questions at any time. Her hands on training on dermal fillers, PRP, micro-needling and O-shot have been invaluable. Thank you so much Sylvia for ALL your help. I highly recommend her training sessions, you will gain invaluable knowledge, she is absolutely amazing!

-Natalia Guzman, R.N.

It was worth the 4.5 hour drive

Sylvia, I wanted to thank you so much for the great training day yesterday. I learned a great deal of valuable information. It was so beneficial having the patients/models there to see the procedures being done live. So much better than a simple powerpoint… 😉 It was worth the 4.5 hour drive.

-Thomas S. Pulice, PA-C Sexy Face Aesthetics, Las Vegas, NV. NY. FL