Online Injection Training During the Pandemic

Online Injection Training During the Pandemic


In the time of this Coronavirus outbreak pandemic, we all must stay home and practice social distancing. Hopefully, the situation is temporary and we will all be able to return to normal in a few months. This is the perfect time to do some online training so that you have your skills developed and ready to go when we can all resume our normal lives and work.

We offer online training for physicians, nurses and other health care providers who would like education at their home or office, and still receive ALL of the benefits of being a member of the CMA (Cellular Medical Association.) You will receive access to our training videos, consent forms, my pre and post instructions, protocols and weekly Wednesday Webinars. You will be listed on our directory as a provider, receive a list of materials needed and all of our marketing supplies, including Dr. Runels tips and advice.

In addition, you will also receive:

  • Centrifuge theory
  • Mechanisms of action
  • Product handling and storage
  • Client consultation
  • Treatment protocols
  • Injection and anesthesia techniques to minimize pain and bruising
  • How to discuss with the patient their individual concerns
  • The research, proof, and science behind the beauty of the O-Shot® and P-Shot®
  • Effective ways to market these procedures to your current patients and to new patients.

Receive approved marketing materials for O-Shot®, P-Shot®, & Vampire Facelift® and access to the treatment rights. Logos, etc. As a member of the Cellular Medicine Association you receive:

  • Special group pricing from suppliers
  • Protection from “copy-cat” doctors
  • Assurance that the quality of these medical procedures remains the best
  • Protection of the price point to keep your ROI high
  • Access to marketing materials and education updates
  • Unbiased research
  • Access to webinars by the inventor, Dr. Runels
  • Frequent emails from Dr. Runels about new marketing
  • Access to discussion with other providers about what works
  • Ability to legally advertise and build on a widely recognized national brand


Typical ROI (return on investment) for one O Shot is 1200.00.

Typical ROI on one P Shot is 1500.00.