Becoming an Injectable Trainer

Becoming an Injectable Trainer

Being an Aesthetic injectables trainer is a fun and exciting job! Helping new injectors learn to navigate the world of aesthetics is something that I love doing and have done for 11 years now.


Many injectors want to become trainers, and it is important to remember that there is more to it than just holding a syringe.


Generally, injectors with 5 or more years of experience are requested, because they know how to manage a complication such as a vascular occlusion. Also, you are dealing with many people at one time, all day.


You must be organized, competent, communicative, patient, able to think on your feet, and be comfortable with many questions being directed toward you all day long.


Knowing how to run a practice or a med spa on the business and is also extremely helpful, because many people are brand new and are not aware of the laws. I always recommend that they hire an attorney in their state who can help them draw up any documents or answer questions about liability.


Some of the benefits of being a teacher are the ability to make your own schedule, have more freedom, and travel.


After 20 years of doing injectables and working in surgery with some of the top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, for me it was a time to retire from that and move into a different area which has been a wonderful experience.


I look forward to continuing to teach new injectors as well as new teachers.