The Top Aesthetic Trends in 2016

The Top Aesthetic Trends in 2016

2016 has almost drawn to a close! Let’s review some of the most popular aesthetic cosmetic procedures requested for this year! Patients are still looking for the quickest, fastest, no down time solutions to help with excess fat, wrinkles and cosmetic needs.

Fat Reduction Procedures

As an alternative to traditional liposuction, CoolSculpt and Sculpsure are the most popular fat reduction procedures. They are in- office treatments that can be done at lunchtime for spot fat reduction. No anesthesia needed! Tightening lasers and micro-needling, especially the Vampire Facial which uses PRP and microneedling have become vastly popular all over the world.  Some newer spins on this are Vivace and Venus Viva, which are  microneedling AND radio frequency devices that tighten and improve skin tone and appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma: The Results Are In!

Procedures utilizing the body’s own components (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) have been featured in many articles and magazines this year. The O-Shot, Priapus Shot, and Vampire Facelift were on TV, in the news, and reported on frequently. People like that fact that these procedures are “autologous”, meaning  obtained from your own body. New studies published this year prove that PRP does indeed have many benefits for the body. Learn more about my PRP training in Beverly Hills & Nashville for doctors and nurses.

Butt Lifts and Implants

Of course, butt augmentation and booty lifts are still popular, and this year it seems like the bigger the better. Please be careful who you choose, and make sure you only go to a board-certified plastic surgeon who either uses your own fat or FDA approved implants for a butt augmentation. Breast augmentation of course is still popular, however smaller implants (B to C cup) are most requested. Fat transfer to the face is also a popular anti- aging procedure that requires minimal downtime and lasting results.

Lip Augmentation

A special thank you to Kylie Jenner for still making lip augmentation a hugely popular procedure. Remember, for any lip augmentation, make sure you go to a trusted health care provider who has been specifically trained and is using FDA products that are approved in the US. Volbella, Restylane Silk, and Juvederm Ultra Plus are some of my favs to use.

The Rise of Social Media in Plastic Surgery

The use of social media for surgeons has grown exponentially this year. More and more procedures with “live” surgeries are being watched on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. What’s great about this is that patients get to see exactly how surgery is done, and what it entails. A well-informed patient is beneficial to healing and recovery.

What’s Next in 2017?

Going into 2017, I think these trends will continue as patients will be looking for the “quick fix” with zero down time. More social media platforms and live surgeries will continue, as we are a society of documentation. Happy New Year!