The Syringes That Give Women Stronger Orgasms

The Syringes That Give Women Stronger Orgasms

The Syringes that give women stronger orgasms with prp and the o-shot

Sylvia recently conducted a successful 2-day training in Norway for the O-Shot — a PRP treatment that helps not only with urinary incontinence, but also helps women achieve stronger orgasms. Prior to the training, a popular Norwegian newspaper featured an article featuring Sylvia Silvestri. Read below for the full translation, or you can check out the featured article here.


Promise of more pleasure and stronger orgasm. More and more women can now be injected in the hunt for better sex.

By Camilla Bjorn, Malene Birkeland – 13 August 2016
Los Angeles woman Lynda (50) is recently divorced, has just taken off his 16 kilograms and is ready for new adventures. Therefore, she lies on straddling in a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, while nurse Sylvia Silvestri injects 1 ml platelet enriched plasma (PRP) in her clitoris.

Immediately afterward, Sylvia injected 6ml into a few carefully selected areas in and around the vagina.

“I do not know so much. It stings a bit and is hot, but not anymore”, says Lynda VG.

Boosts desire, libido and orgasms

We are in a treatment room at the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Minniti’s office in a high, dark building in Beverly Hills. The main entrance feels underused. Customers, many of them celebrities, coming and going from the garage that offers valet parking and is well hidden from the paparazzi.

Lynda is one of several American women in the United States who have decided to try O-Shot, also called the “orgasm syringe”.

According to the creator, the American doctor Charles Runels, it boosts everything from desire, libido and orgasms. The treatment is also used against incontinence in women during menopause and after childbirth.

A mother of two, Lynda has agreed that VG can follow her progress. She did not come forward with the full name and face.

“I find myself in a completely new situation as recently divorced, it’s a whole new world out there, and I want to do anything that makes me feel good,” explains Lynda.

The O-Shot involves taking blood from the patient, just as during a regular blood test.
The blood is centrifuged in a special container that separates red blood cells and platelet-enriched plasma (PRP). The latter looks like a golden liquid. This is then sprayed into the abdomen in specific locations.

Doctors behind the method mean PRP renews tissue and provides increased sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina, which improves sexual responses.

Some become hyper sexual.

“Women want a good and healthy sex life. Some have struggled all my life with achieving orgasms. For other children come and hormonal changes in the way and are a burden on the relationship. We find that most people who get the syringe returns to the joy of sex. Women are more easily ignited, has strong orgasms – some are even hyper sexual because there is so much sensation,” explains Silvestri.
The treatment takes around an hour. A small percentage of women experience an effect the same day, according to the nurse. But, normally it takes two to three weeks before it kicks in.

“Since it is the patient’s own blood, it has no risk of allergic reaction,” says nurse Silvestri, while she finishes with current treatments.

Like that! Now you’re done!

“Wow. Was that all? I heard about this from a friend. She talks about it nonstop. It gave her sex life back after seven children. Her husband says simply ‘continue taking the syringes,’ ” laughs the mother of two.

The syringe really took off in 2014 and is getting a lot of buzz in the American press.

Beside the clinic work, Sylvia Silvestri is one of the method’s authorized instructors. As a result of increased demand, she has traveled around the world over the past year, and shown doctors and nurses how the treatment works.

For a week the nurse is coming to Norway for a training outside Oslo.

“It is a former student from Norway who has invited me over. In Norway I teach doctors and nurses in a variety of ways to use platelet-enriched plasma from the face, scalp and O-Shot and P-Shot. The sprayed along the shaft of the penis and helps against erection problems,” says Sylvia.

Used in sports medicine

Platelet-enriched plasma injections have been performed for more than 10 years in sports medicine and reconstruction operations. It is considered effective by a number of injuries and chronic conditions in muscles, joints, and later, with proven results in studios.

Private clinics in Norway that Aleris and Volvat offers PRP to their customers, with the knee being the most common process. They estimate that 60-70 percent of the customers are getting good results.

In the United States, ABC News predicts that the orgasm syringe can be for women’s orgasms as Viagra has been for men.

But PRP treatment is controversial, and the method is not yet approved by the US National Institute of Health. The international medical profession demands more research before they will embrace method.

“It’s still not enough research on the use of PRP against incontinence or orgasm problems, in terms of risk and effect. It may well work and be safe, but the studies are not yet available,” writes the American gynecologist Lauren Streicher, in a longer post about method on

Steinar Madsen’s medical technical director at the Norwegian Medicines Agency. He is hesitant to do PRP treatment.

“There is little research and it is highly uncertain how well this actually works. How such injections will help to improve sexual experiences, are difficult to understand. One can speculate on various causes such as the influence of the nervous sensitivity. Injections has an enormously strong placebo effect and it may well be that it is the whole explanation. Also when it comes to use by sports injuries. Without several independent studies comparing injections of platelet-rich plasma injections dummy treatment, such as saltwater, it is impossible to consider whether this works,” he says.

Madsen says that platelet rich plasma is also being used against injuries to joints, tendons and muscles. There are several famous sports stars who have received treatment, including golfer Tiger Woods and tennis player Raphael Nadal.

“Since platelet rich plasma is created from the patient’s own blood, the risk of side effects small,” confirms technical director.

“The two studies that do exist are of the doctor behind the method,” says Charles Runnels.

In its first study, he injected him 80 women with O-shot. In 85 percent of cases the treatment was effective. Runels is best known for inventing the so-called vampire treatments for the face, made famous by Kim Kardashian in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” It involves injecting the customer’s own PRP in the face, where it will have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

“I put the syringe in a doctor in South Carolina a year ago, and she called later and told that she had had her first vaginal orgasm. That sex was finally back where it was many years ago,” smiles Silvestri. She estimates it is about 50/50 proportion of women who take the syringe for sex and incontinence. Another woman, L. Miller (55), tells VG that she struggled with pain during intercourse for over 10 years – until she took her first O-Shot last year.

“I had three miscarriages in the early 40s and was put on hormone treatments by the doctor. The body fell gradually in an early menopause. I gained weight, lost hair and was very depressed. Although I could have an orgasm, it became increasingly with painful to have intercourse. Vagina felt thinner. I also struggled with incontinence,” Miller says to VG.

She describes the impact of the syringe as immediate, but ended up having two rounds of treatment for full effect.

“The same evening I got the syringe, we had sex with much less pain. It’s a cliché, but this has made my life so much better. I especially like that it is completely natural, since it makes use of my own blood,” says Miller.

Lynda is not worried about the syringe will work.

“Now I am just anxious to ‘test drive’ treatment. For I am single and looking.”