Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready

The Oscars are approaching this weekend, and Beverly Hills has been buzzing with people preparing for the big day. Besides the awards ceremonies this season, there are many other special events that celebrities as well as patients will plan for in order to get ready for a big event.

So what exactly do people do to prepare for a big day?

Two weeks before, any Botox and /or filler should be done. It is scheduled this far in advance in case there is any bruising or swelling on the face. Botox injected under the arms to alleviate sweating is very popular, as it inhibits the sweat glands and sweating is dramatically reduced.

Peels and Facials should be done approximately one week before. The Hydrafacial is currently the most popular facial that patients and clients love…it hydrates, tightens, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning help to prep the skin and rid the skin of any dead skin cells. IPL laser lightens brown spots.

Two days before the event, sunless tanning or indoor tanning should be applied. Whether you go to a salon or do it at home, definitely exfoliate your skin before you apply. Because sometimes it can rub off the first day, is it preferable to do it two days before.

Exfoliating the skin on a weekly basis should be done all year, as it gets rid of the dead skin cells on the face and body and helps skin care products and make up absorb easily and smoothly.

If having cosmetic or plastic surgery is planned in anticipation of an event, such as a wedding or party, it is best to plan wisely and not schedule the procedure within weeks of the event. It can take months to fully recover form surgery, and residual swelling especially on the face or nose can show on or off camera. Any facial surgical procedure performed for a specific event should be done at least six months in advance. For body work such as breasts, one to two months in advance is a safe time frame.

These are just a few additions to the regular regime of body detoxification, body wraps, hair, nails, and make up that is factored in when the celebrities are making a red carpet appearance. It can take days, even weeks of preparation in order to look every bit the star that one sees on T.V.

You can also use some of these tools and treatments when planning your own special event in order to look fabulous.