Prepping for Plastic Surgery

Prepping for Plastic Surgery

So, you have decided to have cosmetic surgery. You have the procedure picked out and have met with your plastic surgeon.

Many people are extremely excited about their upcoming procedure asking themselves things such as …what will it look like. Is it going to hurt?  What should I do to prepare?

Cosmetic surgery is considered an elective procedure, meaning that unless there is a medical necessity, you are making the choice to have surgery.

As fun and as casual as it sounds, the fact is that is still surgery. It is a shock to your system and an invasive assault on your body.

Therefore, it is important to be in top physical condition before your procedure…mentally and physically.

What steps can you take?

1. Don’t smoke. Smoking severely impairs and delays your healing time…some surgeons will not operate on a smoker.

2. Don’t diet. Yes, sometimes your surgeon will want you at your ideal weight before surgery, but your body needs strength from a healthy diet and calories in order to heal quickly and bounce back with minimal downtime. Hydrate yourself well. So many times patients come in to surgery and don’t even realize how dehydrated they are.

3. Follow the list of medicines and foods to avoid 2 weeks before your surgery. Some of these are really important, such as blood thinners, which if not discontinued can have dangerous side effects.

4. Continue your exercise regime. Your heart and lungs will thank you for it.

5. Try to relax. It is normal to feel a combination of emotions from fear to excitement to stress. Your body under stress releases certain hormones such as cortisol, which impair healing. Keep as calm as you can enjoy the positive nature of your decision.

6. Prepare. Have your after care planned out with a reliable person or an aftercare facility. Get your prescriptions filled a few days before. Go grocery shopping and have everything you need in your refrigerator and available.

7. Remember that this is not a hair cut appointment or a beauty treatment. Although plastic surgery is regarded lightly and spoken about casually, your preparation is vitally important as well as your surgical team.