Plastic surgery in Men..less is more

Plastic surgery in Men..less is more

There has been much talk on male plastic surgery in the media and in the operating room. Men definitely have jumped on the plastic surgery bandwagon in order to look younger in the work place and in their personal lives. From liposuction to rhinoplasty to Botox, male patients are increasingly becoming more interested in cosmetic procedures.

Unfortunately, there have been many male plastic surgery outcomes that leave the public little question as to what was done…celebrities such as Bruce Jenner and Gene Simmons elected to have their surgery filmed for reality TV. Other celebs like Carrot Top, Mickey Rourke, Sly Stallone and Burt Reynolds have had so much work done that they look like different people.

What is the key to successful male surgery?

Subtle is key. It is when men choose to have multiple procedures that they begin to look over done. Rhinoplasty in males should always look natural and masculine, and should be virtually undetectable. Eye lifts are one of the first aging signs of the face, yet need to be done with care as to not change the shape of the eye. Blepharoplasty that has been done more than once can make the eyes look smaller. Liposuction combined with diet and exercise should look completely natural as well.

Most women agree that men who have had excessive or obvious surgery are not attractive or appealing.

Facelifts can be tricky. Because most men’s ears are visible and not covered by hair, the shape of the ear and the scars after surgery are easily seen. If the skin is pulled too tight it can change the face shape entirely.

The plastic surgeon who operates frequently on the male patient understands the differences between male and female skin and masculine vs. feminine. The goal is to keep original masculinity and handsomeness without compromising the original shape and anatomy of the patient.

Remember gentlemen, less is more.

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