Cosmetic Surgery Care

Cosmetic Surgery Care

Your care after you decide to have plastic surgery is something that should be considered with great thought, for the time directly after surgery can be the most important for you and your healing process.

Many patients decide to have surgery and because it is elective, the aftercare is not always thought through. Patients sometimes view cosmetic surgery to the equivalent of a haircut, which is not something that surgery should be compared to. Many times I have been in the Recovery Room with patients who had no idea what their surgery entailed, and were not comfortable going home.

Some surgeons require patients to go to aftercare depending on what type of surgery is being performed. In larger and more extensive surgeries, it is essential for the patient to be cared for by a nurse who has been specifically trained in aftercare. These nurses know how to care for you, know what signs and symptoms to look for, and are in constant communication with your doctor 24/7.

A facility that specializes in aftercare knows what type of diet you need to optimize healing, provides medicinal care, suture care, dressing changes, and most importantly monitors you body temperature, vital signs, and pain levels. If there are any issues they know how to treat it immediately. Aftercare nurses are able to take a patient with an IV for fluid management, or an indwelling bladder catheter to monitor urine output. They are also there to provide support, help you with bathing, hair washing, and generally take care of and pamper you.

Some patients stay at aftercare for one night following surgery, and others opt to stay longer. Patients flying in from out of town will typically stay for a week or more, depending on how they are feeling. Many patients book a few nights stay and end up staying longer because they like the attention they are receiving regarding their aftercare.

Pearl Aftercare in Beverly Hills is the largest aftercare facility in Beverly Hills with private rooms in the SLS and Andaz Hotel. Many of the surgeons will send their surgical patients there for peace of mind knowing that their patients are being taken care of.

They not only take cosmetic surgery patients, but all types of surgical patients from lap-band to orthopedic patients and everything in between.

Keep in mind that if you require hospitalization for your surgery, aftercare facilities are not the equivalent. This is something that should be discussed between you and your doctor well in advance when your health history is reviewed.

Having cosmetic surgery is a wonderful choice if it is right for you and it is a lifetime decision. You healing time after surgery is very important and can affect the outcome of your surgery. Aftercare is a great option to help you rest while in the care of trained professionals and to help you feel comfortable and cared for.