Botox or Dysport?

Botox or Dysport?

Botox vs. Dysport? Tips for achieving the best result.

These days, Botox is a household name. We talk about it at lunch, hear about it on T.V. shows, on the news, and read about it in magazines.

Now there is an alternative to Botox that is steadily making its way towards the same popularity…Dysport.

I was trained 16 years ago injecting Botox and I love it effects (as well as everyone else!) It dramatically decreases wrinkles, lines, creases, crevices, and makes us all look younger.

It makes everyone immediately feel happier, improves their mood, and everyone leaves the office with a smile on their face, knowing that they just tapped the fountain of youth just a little bit, and that soon they will have cheated the aging process and erased some stress.

I initially was a bit skeptical when I heard of Dysport. It is essentially the same protein that’s used in Botox, just the dosages and dilution ratio is different. It was fairly new on the market, and other physicians who I talked to about it were either skeptical as well, or said that their patients were comfortable with Botox.

I am always up for trying new things, as well as having other options for patients that are safe and reliable as well as credible…so I tried it myself.

After I tried it, I loved the results! It worked faster (about 12 hours later) and my forehead was as smooth as could be. No headache, no bruising, and I didn’t have to wait the usual 3-7 days for it to work. If I had a surprise important event coming up, I would be wrinkle free. This was key for me.

A few patients came to me shortly after wanting to know more about it as they had seen or heard about it from the media. Also, a few patients said that they felt they were becoming tolerant to Botox. I suggested trying Dysport, and they were equally impressed by the results.

Dysport spreads out more when it is injected due to the smaller molecule size. This works really well on crow’s feet and gives more of more of a “feathered” look.

In smaller areas where the injections have to be more precise, such as around the mouth or close to the eyebrow, I use Botox.

Dysport is slightly cheaper, and the results of both usually last about the same length of time, 3 to 6 months depending on the person.

I would definitely say try both, and make your decision as to what works the best for you!

I am constantly striving for the most perfect results for me and my patients, and there are so many new products, fillers, beauty treatments on the market, it is exciting to observe and read about every day.

Always consult with your physician about your treatments, and always be specific about what the final result is that you want to achieve. No one can read you mind, and one person’s vision of beauty can differ greatly from anothers. Learn more about my dermal fillers & Botox injection training classes in Beverly Hills & Nashville for doctors and nurses to see for yourself!

Sylvia Silvestri, R.N.