Beverly Hills Surgery Trends

Beverly Hills Surgery Trends

I love my job as a nurse in the operating room, because it gives me a chance to watch every surgeon and the special techniques that he or she has and uses. Because I have been doing this for 16 years now, I have been lucky enough to work with only the best in the business.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the busiest plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills the other day, and got some insight on what exactly is the most popular procedure that all the celebs and the elite are requesting.

Dr. Gerald Minniti has been practicing in Beverly Hills for over 10 years. He is a Board certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, with most of his practice focusing on Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision, and Rhinoplasty.

With fifty percent of his practice focused on the breasts, Dr. Minniti has definitely seen a change in terms of the size of breasts requested by his patients. “Patients no longer are requesting very large breast implants, it is a smaller, more natural look that patients are asking for.’’ Even new patients who are coming in for their first augmentation are choosing a smaller implant, which results in a B or C cup.

Rhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty patients are also looking for a more natural looking nose. The requests for a small, pinched, or upturned nose have practically diminished, and a more natural, subtle look is what is popular.

Rhinoplasty revision is a very common surgery, with many patients having 2 and 3 revisions on their nose. According to Dr. Minniti, most patients either can’t breathe after surgery, or, the final result is just not what the patient envisioned. One thing that Minniti does with his patients is computer imaging with them so that the patient and he can see what the final result will look like and discuss it. This is a very useful and helpful tool in terms of expressing what the idea of the final aesthetic outcome will be.

Dr. Minniti also sees liposuction patients, Mommy Makeover patients, and has a large filler practice that he sees in office.

When asked what the most popular procedure is in Beverly Hills right now, his answer was…Brazilian Butt Lift!