2012 Cosmetic Surgery

2012 Cosmetic Surgery

Whats going to be popular in cosmetic surgery and procedures as we head into 2012?

As this year comes to a close, we start to look forward into the New Year and what new trends it will bring. Firstly, more and more people are talking about cosmetic and plastic surgery than ever. It is no longer a secretive topic that people deny or hide. Many patients openly and proudly talk about their cosmetic surgery with others, and are proud to show it off! Also, there is a big emphasis in the media about education and finding the properly trained physician for your needs.


The emphasis is on a natural looking face with healthy, glowing skin. Blatantly obvious surgery is out, and the tight facelifts have given way to a softer look due to the dawn of facial fat grafting. More women are having mini facelifts with fat grafting in their late 40’s as opposed to waiting until their 50’s or 60’s. Subtle is the key word.

Skin Rollers:

This is becoming a popular procedure that can be done at home or at a doctor’s office. Very small needles are rolled on the skin, which cause microscopic punctures that in turn cause collagen stimulation and tighter skin. Patients are not only doing this on the face, but the entire body.


Thick and full eyelashes have really made a huge trend in the last year, and I’m sure will continue to be very popular. Thanks to Latisse, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of waking up in the morning and having long, full lashes.

For those who don’t use Latisse, extensions are another alternative that women are turning to in order shorten their makeup regime.


Zeltiq is a popular new form of laser liposuction that patients and physicians are using. It is FDA approved and basically freezes the fat cells. It is non-invasive and easy to do in the office with no anesthesia. A cold suction device is placed on the area to be treated, which causes the body to create an inflammatory response that in turn flushes out the fat cells.

This is ideal for smaller areas such as the arms, thighs, and chin. Ideal candidates are patients who are healthy, exercise and maintain a regular diet, but who have stubborn areas of fat that persist regardless of what has been done.

Some side effects are redness, bruising, and mild swelling.

The emphasis on body shape has changed as well. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez, largely in the media, many patients are requesting fat transfer to the buttocks in order to have a curvier shape. Skinny stick figures with large breasts are out, and curvier, shapely figures are back in.

Hand Rejuvenation:

Hands that show signs of aging are getting more attention. Patients are having injectables such as Radiesse or fat deposited into the hands to restore the fullness there, as well as laser such as IPL to rid hands of brown sun spots.

More men are also turning to cosmetic surgery. Facelifts, submental liposuction, eye lifts, and abdominal liposuction are some of the most popular procedures that men are requesting. It is also more socially acceptable for men to have surgery, and many men are turning to surgery on order to increase their marketability in the job scene.

As we go into 2012 and explore new trends and procedures, remember to always do your research before having any procedure done and check your doctor.

Sylvia Silvestri, RN